Make Changes to a Purchase Order​


If a purchase order has been saved or approved, you can add or remove items, add or change vendor, update the price or description of items, etc. The fiscal coding cannot be changed.

You can reject or cancel an item that is ready to purchase, but not yet added to a purchase order.

To update a purchase order that has been marked as ordered, follow the steps at the end of this document.

Make a Change to a Purchase Order

1. Click the PO Status tab.

2. Locate the purchase order to be changed.

3. Click Edit or Order. (Typically the status of a saved purchase order is In Purchasing.)

4. The purchase order will open on the PO screen.

You can make several changes to your purchase order. The fiscal coding cannot be changed on the Purchase Order screen. The items have to be rejected using the Menu link next to each item so that the fiscal coding can be changed on the Requisition screen.

5. To change the quantity, price, etc.:

a. Change the Item #, Description, Qty, U.M., Price fields as needed. Do not use special characters or symbols, including &,',“,<,and \, in the Description field.

b. If needed, click Menu next to a item to take separate actions on each item. Actions available include:

    • Reject Line Item. The item is removed from the PO screen and sent back to the requester. The requester can make changes to items and re-submit it to the process.
    • Cancel Line Item. The item cannot be ordered. It is removed from the PO screen and cannot be changed or resubmitted by the requester.
    • Split Line Item. Split an item that may need to be purchased by separate item numbers or descriptions. For example, a single item for a computer may need to be purchased in separate items as a computer, monitor, keyboard, etc.
    • Edit Vendor Bids. Used to record which vendors have bid on the item, if applicable.
    • View History. Shows the approval history for the requisition item.
    • Edit Description. Shows the full text of the description field.
    • Edit Ship-To Address. Select a shipping address.
    • Edit Bill-To Address. Select a billing address.

6. To add or remove items from the purchase order:

a. Uncheck the View Selected Items check box.

Figure 1 - View Selected Items

 View Selected items check box highlighted

b. Check the Sel check box next to any item you want to add to the purchase order.

c. Uncheck the Sel check box next to any item you want to remove from the purchase order.

7. To change the vendor for the purchase order, click the asterisk next to the Vendor # field to Find and Select a vendor you want to use.

Figure 2 - Find a vendor

 the asterisk next to vendor number highlighted

8. Click Save. You can continue to make changes until you are satisfied that the purchase order is complete or you can save it to come back to later.

9. After the purchase order is saved, do the following depending on your agency’s process:

  • Click Complete. This button is displayed if you are a Purchaser but not a PO Approver and your agency requires that your purchase orders be approved. The designated purchase order approver must approve them.
  • Click Approve. This button is displayed if you are a Purchaser and a PO Approver and your agency requires that your purchase orders be approved.
  • Click Auto Receive.
  • Click Ordered. This button is displayed if your agency does not require purchase order approval.

Update a Purchase Order That Has Been Ordered

  • The Receiver must correct items that have been ordered but not actually received on the Receiving screen.
  • Then the Purchaser must reject the item(s).
  • The Requester can update the items on the Requisition screen.

1. On the Receiving screen,

a. Select the purchase order.

b. If needed, check the Rcv check box next to each appropriate item, and then click Receive to mark all items received (even though they have not actually been received).

c.. Click Correct on at least two items. (If only one item is ‘corrected’, the other items are received, and the purchase order is considered complete and cannot be added to or updated.) If there is only one item, click Correct on that line.

2. On the Purchase Order screen:

a. Open the purchase order.

b. Click Menu next to the item(s) that need to be updated.

c. Click Reject Line Item to the appropriate item(s).

3. On the Requisition screen:

a. Open the requisition, update the item(s) as needed, and then click Itemization Complete.

b. Update the fiscal coding as needed and then click Coding Complete.

c. To approve the entire requisition, click Approve.

d. To approve individual items of the requisition, click Menu next to an item, and then click Approve Line Item.

4. On the Purchase Order screen:

a. Open the purchase order and click the PO tab.

b. Check the check boxes next to the updated items and click Save.

c. The purchase order is ready to be approved (if necessary) and the items will be ready to receive on the Receiving screen.