Make PO Button Is Not Displayed

​On the Purchase Orders screen, you can create a purchase order from a single requisition on the Req Status screen. However, there may be an instance when there is no Make PO button on the requisition, even though the Status of the requisition indicates Ready for Purchasing.

  • The Make PO button is not displayed when you select Requisitions from the Purchasing main menu, even if you are a purchaser. Select Purchase Orders, and then select Req Status.
  • The Make PO button is not displayed on the requisition if any of the items have been added to a purchase order - either current, rejected, or voided - regardless of the requisition status.

To find out if any requisition items have been added to a purchase order:

Figure 1 - Make PO button not present

 No make po button message and the Receiving info check box highlighted

1. Click the Receiving Info check box to see if a purchase order has been created from the line item(s), indicated by a purchase order number.

Figure 2 - Receiving Info purchase order number

Receiving info check box highlighted and PO number shown 

2. If a purchase order number is shown, you can click on the purchase order number to view its details.

3. When the purchase order opens on the PO screen, the purchase order creation date is shown, as well as the name of the person who created it and/or edited it.

Figure 3 - Purchase order information and history

line item menu and purchase order user name highlighted 

4. Click the Menu button next to the line item(s) and then click Show History. The requisition and purchase order history will be displayed.