Receiving​ Purchase Order Items

​1. From the Purchasing main menu, select Receiving.

2. On the Status screen, if needed, click the plus sign (+) next to a purchase order to view its items.

Figure 1 - Status screen

the receiving status screen 

3. Click Select next to a purchase order.

4. Review the purchase order to compare it to the items received.

  • Review the Item #, Description, quantity (Qty), Unit, and Price (if your administrator has not enabled “Prices” for receivers, you will not see the price from the purchase order.)
  • These cannot be changed by the receiver.

5. Click Print Preview RCVG if you want to view and/or print the entire purchase order details in PDF format.

6. If you have received all items, check the Rcv check box next to each item.

7. Click Receive.

Figure 2 - Items received

a      list of purchase order items 

Items Not Received

1. If any items ordered are not received or do not match the purchase order, click Select next to the item.

2. Enter the Actual Receiving Date.

3. Select a reason why the items received or on the shipping list do not match the purchase order

  • Something is missing
  • Something is broken
  • Something is backordered/partial receipt
  • Something is not available

You will be able to select only one. If you receive a shipment that has items broken and items backordered, select Something is missing and add Notes to explain.

4. Enter the actual Quantity Received. E.g., if something was missing, be sure to enter 0.

Figure 3 - Items backordered

the select link highlighted and a list of receiving options shown 

5. Click the Line Item Notes icon to add explanatory notes, e.g., why items were not received or why items were returned, etc.

6. Click OK.

7. Click Done.

If needed, the purchaser can cancel or reject unavailable items, etc. from the purchase order.

If the agency administrator has enabled e-mail notification, an e-mail will be sent automatically when the receiver marks that something is missing, broken, backordered, or not available. See below

Change items from received to not received (reject or cancel)

If you accidently mark items as received, or if a purchaser needs to send back (reject or cancel) an item that was received:

1. Click Correct next to the item(s)

2. Click OK.

Figure 4 - Correct a received item

receiving screen with links to correct or to preview purchase order items 

Items will labeled on the purchase order with a status of Ordered (Corrected). If any items are received later, you can select and mark then as received.

If some purchase order items are never going to be received, the purchaser can cancel the items on the purchase order that will not be received. The status of the purchase order will become “All items received or cancelled”.

E-mail Notification

Action - E-mail recipient

Received/Something Missing - Requester/Purchaser

Broken - Requester/Purchaser

Backordered/Partial - Requester

Received (all) - Requester

Not Available - Requester/Purchaser