Request a Price Check​


A requester or Fiscal Coder can ask a purchaser about the price of an item so they know, for example, whether or not they have the funds available or if they might exceed a spending limit. On the Requisitions screen, a user who is a requester, authorizer, or fiscal coder can request a price check from a purchaser.

The requisition must be saved with line items added (a price must be entered on each line item). This will enable the full line item Menu.

Requester/Authorizer/Fiscal Coder

1. Click Menu next to the line item.

2. Click Price Check.

Figure 1 - Line Item Menu

the line item menu and the request price check command highlighted   

3. The Status will change to Awaiting Price Check.

Figure 2 - Price Check Status

the awaiting price check status highlighted 


1. The purchaser will now see a Price Check tab on their screen.

Figure 3 - Price Check tab

the price check tab on the purchase order screen 

2. On the Price Check screen, enter the actual price in the Price field.

Figure 4 - Price Check screen

the price check screen with one request shown   

3. If needed, click the requisition number (Req #) to view the requisition details.

4. To add explanatory notes, click the Notes icon

5. To add scanned documentation, click the Atch icon.

6. Click Done when finished. The line item will be removed from the Price Check screen. If there are no more price checks, the Price Check tab will not be displayed.

7. To cancel a price check (for example, if a requester verifies the price with the vendor), click Menu next to the line item and click Cancel Price Check.

Figure 5 - Cancel Price Check


Requester/Authorizer/Fiscal Coder

1. On the Requisitions screen, the line item status will be Price Check Complete (or Price Check Cancelled if it was cancelled) and the updated price from the purchaser will be automatically entered.

Figure 6 - Price check complete

the price check complete status on a requisition item 

2. Click the Notes and Atch icons if the purchaser to view any notes or attachments from the purchaser.

3. You can accept the price or change the line item as needed.

4. Continue with the requisition process.