​Requester Receives a Rejected or Cancelled Requisition Item


If the Purchasing administrator has enabled e-mail notification, a requester will receive an e-mail when an item is rejected or cancelled. This happens because a Purchaser may reject or cancel, or a Requisition Approver may reject, one or more of the items on a requisition.

The requester can make changes to and resubmit a rejected item, but cannot resubmit a cancelled item.

Edit and Resubmit a Rejected Item

1. On the Requisitions screen, click the Status tab.

2. Locate the requisition with a status, of Line Item Rejected or Itemize in Progress. A rejected line item will not necessarily change the overall requisition status to “Line Item Rejected”.

  • To help find a requisition, select Line Item Rejected or Itemize in Progress from the Status drop down menu, and then click Find.

Figure 1 - Line Item Rejected

 line item rejected status on a requisition

3. Click Edit next to the requisition.

4. On the Requisition screen, you can change the line item as needed – Description, quantity (Qty), Price, etc. Do not use special characters or symbols, including &,',“,<,and \, in the Description field.

5. Instead of updating, you can delete a rejected item - click Menu next to it and click Delete Line Item.

6. Click Itemize Complete when finished.

The line item must be authorized if your agency requires it.

The line item(s) is ready for any fiscal coding changes and be marked Coding Complete by a fiscal coder and then be approved.