Rules for Approvers and Purchasers​


The Purchasing administrator can create certain controls and restrictions by setting up rules and processes for the approvers and purchasers. Other settings may need to be made (e.g., create workflows or departments) and users will have to set up as Approvers or Purchasers.

Controls for Requisition Approvers

Assign Approvers to Workflows

Add specific Approvers to the Workflow(s) you create on the Agency screen. Once requisition items are assigned to a workflow, only those approvers that are assigned to the same workflow will be able to approve those items.

Figure 1 - Requisition workflow example

List of requisition workflows 

Assign Approvers to Requisition Departments

Create Req Departments on the Agency screen and enable Restrict Approval by Department. Then add the Approvers to the appropriate requisition departments. When a requisition is added to a specific Requisition Department, only those approvers that are assigned to the same department will be able to approve those items in the requisition.

Figure 2 - Requisition Department example

list of requisition departments and associated users 

Create Approval Rules

Individual approvers can be set up so that they can only approve requisition items that have specific fiscal coding and/or are within a certain dollar amount.

1. To assign approval rules, select a user on the User Maint tab, and then click Approval Rules.

Figure 3 - Approval Rules button example

a user profile with the approval rules button highlighted 

2. Select specific fiscal coding that an approver can approve, and add any exceptions to thos codes.

3. Enter a minimum dollar amount (Min Amount) and/or a maximum dollar amount (Max Amount) of a requisition that the approver can approve. The approver will not be able to approve requisition items higher or lower than these dollar amounts.

Figure 4 - Approval Rules example

a list of approval levels with the Fund fiscal code asterisk highlighted 

4. Click Save when finished. Approvers will see that requisition items that they cannot approve will be highlighted on the Status screen. Although the approvers can view the requisition items on the Approval screen, they will not be able to approve them.

Controls for Purchasers

Limit Purchaser Dollar Amounts

Individual purchasers can be set up so that they can only create purchase orders that are within a certain total dollar amount (Max PO Amt). Purchasers can also be set up so that they can only add items that are within a certain dollar amount to a purchase order (Max Item Amt).

1. Select a user on the User Maint tab and then enter values for:

  • Max PO Amt – Set the maximum dollar amount of the entire purchase order that the purchaser can make.
  • Max Item Amt - Set the maximum dollar amount of a single line item that the purchaser can add to a purchase order.

Figure 5 - Max PO and Max Item Amounts example

the purchaser max PO amount and max item amount text boxes shown 

Create a PO Pct Variance

Create a PO Pct Variance on the Agency tab so that a purchase order line item amount may not vary from the original requisition line item amount by greater than this percentage.

Figure 6 - PO Percent Variance example

the PO percent variance text box shown 

For example, if the requisition line item is $100 and the PO Pct Variance is 10%, then the purchase order line item amount cannot be greater than $110 or less than $90. (This includes additional Freight on a purchase order line item.)

If a purchaser changes the line item so that the amount exceeds the PO Pct Variance, a message will be displayed explaining the restriction.

Figure 7 - PO Pct Variance warning example

a po item amount variance warning message 

Enable PO Approver Required

To create an extra level of approval, assign a user or users (who are not purchasers) to be a PO Approver and then check the PO Approver Required check box in the Agency tab. A purchase order must then be approved before it can be completed and placed with the vendor.

Figure 8 - Purchase Order approval required example

a Purchase order with the Approve button and the Status message highlighted 

Create a Delegated Purchasing Amount

Set a Delegated Amount which is the amount at which a purchase order will appear on the DOP Delegated report. The report will display line items that have fiscal coding completed, are not voided, are part of a purchase order, and have amounts greater than or equal to the agency delegated amount. The Delegated Amount is the amount that the Department of Administration has granted to an agency for purchases exceeding $5,000 and not available on statewide contracts.

Figure 9 - Delegated Amount example

the delagated amunt text box shown 

Figure 10 - DOP Delegated report menu example

the reports menu and a list of report titles