Select a Shipping or Billing Address​


Your agency’s Purchasing administrator may set up default shipping and billing addresses to be printed on all requisitions or purchase orders. When appropriate, a user may change the shipping or billing address. For instance, a requester can change the addresses on a requisition line item, or the purchaser can change the addresses on a purchase order line item. Approvers can view the addresses to verify them, but cannot change them.

To select a shipping or billing address

1. Open your requisition or purchase order.

2. Click Menu next to the line item that you want to change the shipping or billing address.

2. Click either Edit Ship-to Address or Edit Bill-to Address, depending on the change needed.

4. A pop-up window will display a list of addresses. These addresses are entered by your agency’s Purchasing administrator. (If no addresses are displayed or the address you would like to use is not displayed, contact your administrator.)

Figure 1 - Line Item Menu and Address pop-up

purchase order line item menu with edit ship to address option highlighted

5. Click Select next to the address to use instead of the default address.

6. Check the Apply to all Line Items check box if you want to use the selected address for all items of the requisition or purchase order.

7. Click Save.

8. Click the close button (x) on the pop-up window to close it.

Figure 2 - Exit the Address window

shipping address pop up windows with the close button highlighted

9. Complete the requisition or purchase order according to your agency’s process.

10. Click Print Preview if you want to view the changes or to review the addresses as an approver.

Figure 3 - Requisition Print Preview.

requisiton print preview screen