​ Split Purchase Order Item Numbers, Quantity, Price, Etc.


A purchaser can split a requisition line item in order to purchase different model numbers or descriptions. For example, a single line item request for a computer may need to be split into separate purchase order line items as a computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. A purchaser can change the Item #, Description, Quantity, Unit of Measurement, and Price. A purchaser cannot split requisition line items to change the fiscal coding.

To Split Purchase Order Items

After selecting a single requisition or individual requisition items and then saving the purchase order, use the line item Menu on the PO screen.

1. Click Menu next to the line item that you need to split.
2. Click Split Line Item. (If the quantity (Qty) is greater than 2, you can also click Split All Line Items to create separate rows for each single item.)

Figure 1 - Line item menu
line item menu with the split line item command highlighted

3. Click OK in the confirmation dialogue box.
4. The split line will be a duplicate of the original. The quantity (Qty) of the new line is ‘1’ and the original line’s quantity is reduced by one. If the original line is a quantity of 1, the duplicate line will have a quantity of 0 and the Price will be duplicated.

Figure 2 - New split line

purchase order with a line item split

5. Change the line items as needed. A purchaser can change only the Item #, Description, Quantity, Unit of Measurement, and Price.

  • If the fiscal coding needs to be changed, use the Menu to select Reject Line Item, and then the fiscal coding can be changed by the requester or fiscal coder. 

Figure 3 - Changed item number and quantity

purchase order line items with different item numbers and quantities 

6. Click Save when finished.

7. Depending on your agency’s process, the purchase order can be approved and/or ordered when finished. NOTE: Split lines can be deleted, but the original line cannot.

8. The requisition will be automatically updated and the requester can also see the split items on the Requisitions screen.

Figure 4 - Requisition with split line items

requisition screen with a list split items