Unable To Approve Requisitions​


If the Approve button is greyed out or line items are greyed out, these are requisitions or items that you cannot approve.

On the Approval screen, click Menu next to an item, and then click View Reason to find out why you cannot approve it.

Figure 1 – Items you cannot approve

 App screen with line item menu shown

Requisition Is Not Complete

Even though the status indicates the requisition is awaiting approval, the requisition may not have been marked as complete. The requester should open the requisiton and click Itemize Complete.

Figure 2 - Itemize complete

itemize complete button 

Administration Settings that Restrict Approvals

You are not an approver for the requisition workflow

Your administrator will have to add you as an approver to the workflow

Figure 3 - Administration workflow set up

a list of workflows and approvers 

Your administrator did not create any workflows.

It is possible to create, fiscal code, and save a requisition without a workflow.

The Approver will have to reject all items and the administrator must create a workflow. The rejected requisition can then be assigned to the workflow and completed.

Your administrator has restricted approvals by department and you are not part of the requisition department

Your administrator will need to add you to the Requisition Department and/or set up your Agency rules.

Figure 4 - Administration Restrict Approvals by Department

Restrict approval by requisition department check box highlighted and a list of departments and users highlighted 

The item(s) have fiscal coding or a dollar amount which your approval rules do not allow you to approve

Your administrator will need to set up your specific approval rules.

Figure 5 - Administrative set up of Approval Rules

list of approval rules highlighted 

Your administrator has restricted approvers from approving their own requisitions

You created the requisition and you are an approver.

Figure 6 - Administrative Agency Restrict Approver set up

 restrict requisition approver check box highlighted