Setting Up and Maintaining your Agency in I-Time

Agencies must have at least one Central Payroll Officer (CPO).  Central Payroll Officer's (CPOs) have the ability to set up the agency and employees, create and maintain time entry locations, write notices, create and approve time sheets and process payroll. 
Note:  If a CPO terms or separates from state service and their term is uploaded prior to their last scheduled day of work they will no longer have full access to I-Time.  
Before the CPO's signature can be accepted they must complete an online Security Access Request form.  For each Central Payroll Officer (CPO) at your agency, the online Security Access Request form must be completed.
Note:  When a Central Payroll Officer (CPO) has an I-Time document open and another Central Payroll Officer (CPO) tries to open the same I-Time document, they will get the following message.

This ensures that both Central Payroll Officer's (CPOs) are not creating, updating or approving the same I-Time document.