Add a Proxy User Who Can Create Vouchers or Requests

​A Proxy is a person who can create requests or vouchers for other people, and who will have access to their requests and vouchers in Travel Express. However, while a Proxy can make changes to a Draft voucher that they created, they cannot make changes to a voucher created by the user for whom they are a proxy. A Proxy will also receive any automated emails from Travel Express, e.g., when a voucher is approved.


1. Select Administration from the Travel Express main menu, and then click the User Maint tab.

2. Click Select next to the person's name who you want to be a Proxy.

a. If adding a new user:

  • Type the last name or first name of the user, or the first few letters of either name, in the Last Name or First Name field.
  • Click Find. If the user cannot be found, or there is an error when adding a user, check that the user is active on the STARS Vendor Table. Contact your payroll administrator to make sure that the user has been added to state payroll records.
  • Click Select next to the user's name to add and then click OK to confirm adding the user.

 Figure 1 - Find a new user

find new user button highlighted and a new user look up window shown

3. Click the Proxy check box.

4. A list of names will be displayed. Click the check box next to a name or names in the list of unassigned users.

5. Click the right arrow to assign the user(s) to the proxy.

6. Click Update User or, if a new user, Add User.

​Figure 2 - Select proxy 

the proxy check box highlighted and names pf proxy users shown