Approval Levels and Email Notifications​

​The Travel Express administrator can create up to three levels for Request Approval Levels or Voucher Approval Levels and add as many approvers to each level as needed. E-mail notification can also be enabled so that users are notified to changes in their requests or vouchers.

Approval Levels

Approval levels are organized in a hierarchy, meaning that a request or voucher must be approved by the first level before it can be approved by the second, and so on.

However, if you have several Approvers levels, a person in, for example, approval level 2 has the ability to approve requests or vouchers that are awaiting approval level 1.

E-mail Notifications

When you have several Approvers or Approval levels, the person who creates a request, and the person who fiscal codes a voucher, will select a specific approver to route it to. That approver should receive an email notification regarding that request or voucher.

The approver then approves the request or voucher, and routes it to another approver in the next approval level. That second approver would get an email notification regarding that request or voucher.

The creator of the actual request or voucher (either the user or the proxy user) will be notified when a request or voucher is ‘final approved’, disapproved, or routed back to them for further action.