Cancel a Voucher Approved for STARS Upload​

​Cancel a STARS upload

A voucher can be updated after you have routed it to STARS as long as it is the same day you routed it, and before the STARS upload at approximately 6:30 PM MST.

1. Click Approver Menu.

2. Click Approve/Disapprove a Voucher.

3. Click the Status drop-down menu and select Pending STARS Upload.

4. Click the Level field and press DEL or back space to make the field blank.

5. Click Find.​

Figure 1 - Pending STARS upload

the status drop down menu shown and the level field highlighted 

6. Click Select next to the voucher.

7. Click the Choose One drop down menu and select Cancel STARS upload.

Figure 2 - Cancel STARS upload

the cancel stars upload choice highlighted 

8. Enter comments in the Comments field to explain the reason. Do not use special characters or symbols, including &, ',, <, and \.

9. Click Submit.

10. Click Return to Menu.

11. Click Approver Menu and then Approve/Disapprove a Voucher.

12. The Approver can route back to a coder, to a traveler, or to STARS.