Change the Amount of Line Item

Although a Fiscal Coder can change the Amount field, a Fiscal Coder cannot save a change to the Amount on a line item. If the Fisal Coder does change the amount and clicks Save, the message “Claimant and Fiscal Coding totals must match in order to proceed" will be displayed.

The Fiscal Coder will need to route the voucher back to the traveler (aka claimant) for the amount to be changed.

2. From the Travel Express main menu, click Fiscal Coding, and then click Select next to the voucher.

3. Click the Choose One drop down menu and select Return to traveler.

4. Enter comments in the Comments field to explain the reason for the return, e.g., the amount needs to be changed. Do not use special characters or symbols, including &, ',, <, and \.

5. Click Submit.​