Create a Voucher for a Non-Travel Event​


A voucher may be created for non-travel events such as training classes, conferences, etc. You still need to enter a travel origin and destination, and departure and return dates, but remove the automatically calculated allowable per diem expenses, and then enter expenses on the Misc Exp screen.

Expenses paid with a P-Card should be entered, but transmittals still need to be verified and approved in the P-Card application. Expenses that are part of the official travel, but not paid directly by the traveler should be entered. If all expenses entered are not paid by the traveler, the voucher will have a zero amount balance.

Any receipts or invoices regarding the event can be scanned and then attached to the voucher.

A voucher may be created by a “proxy" on behalf of the user/traveler.

Once the voucher is finished, it is routed to a fiscal coder, who then routes it to an approver. After the voucher is approved at the final level, it is scheduled to be uploaded to STARS at the end of the business day. If the administrator has enabled e-mail notification, automatic e-mails will be sent to the creator of the document (actual traveler or proxy) when a voucher is approved, disapproved, or routed to back for further action.

The steps are the same for a travel voucher. Click here to view the Create a Voucher document.