Expenses Paid by a Third Party​ (Paid By Other)

​Expenses that are part of the official travel or event, but not paid by the traveler/user can be entered on the Paid by Other screen. The amounts entered here will not be calculated as part of the Due to or Due from amounts. Examples include lodging that is directly billed, expenses billed to another agency, fees or costs paid for by a host, etc. State travel policy says that if a third party is expected to reimburse the state for the trip, that information along with the name and billing address of the third party must be included on the travel request. This could be entered on the comments or added as a scanned attachment.

1. On the Request or Voucher, click the Paid by Other tab.

2. Click Add Row.​

3. Select Paid By Other Means from the drop down menu.

4. Enter the Amount.

5. Enter a description of the expense in the Comments field. Do not use special characters or symbols, including &, ',, <, and \.

6. Click Save. If finished with a request, click the Routing tab.

7. If you need to delete a request after it is saved, click the Request tab, and then click Remove.

 Figure 1 – Expenses paid by other means

the paid by other means drop down menu 

When a Fiscal Coder or Approver views a voucher, these costs will be entered as a zero amount memo line item (MEM). A memo (MEM) line item will not be uploaded to STARS. If none of the expenses entered are paid by the traveler, the voucher created from the request will have a zero amount balance.

Figure 2 - Zero Amount Memo line

P card amounts, comments, and the MEM transaction code highlighted