Find Mileage Only Vouchers in Draft Status 

​After saving a Mileage Only voucher as a draft and exiting Travel Express, you can find your draft voucher when you re-open Travel Express and use the View/Edit Voucher menu.

1. Click Requester/Traveler Menu.

2. Click View/Edit Voucher.

Figure 1 - Requester/Traveler Menu

view edit request and view edit voucher menu options 

3. Locate the relevant vouchers that have Draft in the Status column. If you are an Administrator, Approver, Proxy, or Auditor, locate a voucher by a specific user:

a. Click Browse next to Traveler.

b. Click the name of the user whose vouchers you want to find.

c. Select additional criteria as needed to search by: the Destination (by state), the Group name, the Status of the voucher.

d. Enter a range of dates in the Departed fields.

e. Click Find. (Click Reset to reset the view to all users available.)​

Figure 2 - View/Edit Voucher results

a list of vouchers from a search 

The View/Edit Voucher results screen will display Destination, Depart, and Return information that seems to be incorrect. The Destination column may show only “,ID" and the Depart and Return columns may display 01/01/1999.

4. Click Select next to a voucher in Draft status to complete the voucher. The correct information will be on the voucher itself. When the voucher is submitted to Fiscal Coding, the destination, Depart and Return columns will display actual information from the voucher. Such a voucher will have Pending Fiscal Coding status on the View/Edit Voucher screen.