Per Diem Amount Does Not Seem to be Correct

​After creating a travel request or voucher, the per diem amount shown on the Per Diem screen does not seem to be correct. When compared to the GSA web site, the per diem amount for the destination on the request or voucher seems to be different.

First, if your travel dates are after October 1, the GSA rates are set by fiscal year, effective October 1 each year. Make sure you are comparing your travel dates with the correct GSA fiscal year rates.

Second, when creating a travel request or voucher, it is best to use the drop down menus to select the destination. You can manually enter a city or town that is in the Travel Express Destination (City) drop down menu, but you must enter exactly as it is in Travel Express. So, 1) select the correct state and; 2) use the drop down menu to select the city or town.

If a city or town is not listed in the Destination (City) drop down menu, you can manually enter it; however, the per diem amount will be the standard rate for the state.

When comparing rates to the GSA web site, the GSA web site may recognize alternate names of cities or towns when you search for them and display the “correct" per diem amounts, whereas Travel Express requires exact names entered or chosen (when available) from the drop down menus.

Idaho In-State Travel

For in-state travel, the Board of Examiner's Idaho State Travel Policy has set a single standard per diem rate for all destinations in Idaho.

International travel, or Alaska or Hawaii

When creating a travel request or a travel voucher for international travel or travel to Alaska or Hawaii, the Per Diem Allowed Meals will not be automatically populated. Therefore, verify that the check boxes on the Per Diem screen are checked for the actual meals taken (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and manually enter the Allowed Meals amounts.​