Reports Overview


There are two ways to create reports in Travel Express:

  • One is a Report tab seen on either a request or voucher on the Create Request or Create Voucher screens, the Fiscal Coding screen, or the Approval screens.
  • The other option is the Reports Menu on the Travel Express main menu. This provides queries on all requests and vouchers. Users will be able to see only their own requests or vouchers. Administrators will be able to view all users.

Documents that have been processed through Travel Express (vouchers sent to STARS, etc.) can be found through the Processed Documents menu.

Travel Express data is also available in IBIS. Informational and expenditure data from just the Travel Express application, as well as Travel Express fiscal data in STARS, are available in IBIS.

The Report tab

The Report tab is seen on a request or voucher that is open, whether creating, fiscal coding, or approving a request or voucher. The Report tab is also found by selecting a request or voucher on the Requester/Traveler Menu, View/Edit Request or View/Edit Voucher menu.

With the request or voucher open:

1. Click the Report tab to view the request or voucher details.

2. To print or save the report, click the Save disk icon.

Figure 1 - Report tab​

the disk icon drop down menu on the report tab screen 

3. Select Excel, Acrobat (PDF), or Word file format.

4. Click Open and use the print menu from your selected application to print, or click Save As. If PDF reports do not print properly, use the Excel format and then in the Print menu, change the No Scaling option to Fit Sheet on One Page.

To view complete fiscal coding detail, use the Reports Menu described below.

The Reports Menu

The Reports Menu is on the main menu of Travel Express.

Figure 2 – Reports menus​

the reports menus shown 

Reports available are - Travel Express Report, Audit Report, User Report, and Out of State Travel Voucher Report.

Some reports can be generated in PDF, TXT, or CSV file formats. Other reports can only be generated in PDF.

CSV or TXT files can be formatted for printing in an application (e.g., MS Excel). Once reports are generated and saved, they can also be sorted or searched for specific information.

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