Return a Voucher to be Corrected ​

If a voucher, or its fiscal coding, needs to be changed, an approver can disapprove the voucher so it can be updated.

First, find the voucher with an appropriate Status.

1. From the Travel Express main menu, click Approver Menu, and then click Approve/Disapprove a Voucher.

2. Click the Status drop-down menu and select the status that the voucher is in.

  • A voucher that is waiting to be approved would have a status of Pending Approval(s).
  • A voucher that has been completely approved and is ready to upload to STARS at the end of the day would have a status of Pending STARS Upload.

3. Click the Level field and press DEL or back space to make the field blank.

4. Click Find.

an example of the status drop down menu

5. Click Select next to the voucher.

6. Click the Choose One drop down menu and select Return to traveler, Return to coder, or Return to approver. Choose Cancel STARS Upload if you are a final level approver and the Status of the voucher is Pending STARS upload.

  • If returned to traveler, the traveler would open the voucher on the View/Edit Voucher screen.
  • The Fiscal Coder would open it on the Fiscal Coding screen. A Fiscal Coder cannot change the Amount of a voucher. This would have to be changed on the voucher. The approver should choose Return to traveler to change the amount on the voucher.
  • If returned to an apporver, teh approver would open the voucher on the Approver screen.
  • If you have cancel a STARS upload, open the voucher on the Approver menu, then return it to the traveler, coder, or approver.

an example of the drop down menu options to return the voucher 7. Enter comments in the Comments field to explain the reason for the return. Do not use special characters or symbols, including &, ',, <, and \.

8. Click Submit.