​Set Up Your Agency

There are two parts to Travel Express Administration - Agency maintenance and User Maintenance.

  • First, complete your Agency Maintenance to set up the Request and Voucher approval levels, set mileage reimbursement rates, etc.
  • Then you can complete your User Maintenance to add new users, assign role to users, assign approval PCAs or Indexes to approvers, and mark users as active or inactive in the application.

1. From the Travel Express main menu, select Administration, and then click the Agency tab.

2. Click the BFY drop down menu to select the current budget fiscal year. The BFY determines the ability of the application to look up and validate fiscal codes such as the TC, PCA, Index, etc.

3. Click the drop down menus for Request Approval Levels or Voucher Approval Levels to create the number of approval levels needed.

a. You can create up to three levels. The levels are organized in a hierarchy, meaning that a request or voucher must be approved by the first level before it can be approved by the second.

b. If your agency does not want users to create Requests at all, set the number of Request Approval Levels to 0. Then, requests would not available in the application. If your agency has been using requests, and then you set the approval levels to zero, any existing requests will no longer be seen in Travel Express. Users would have to resubmit a voucher instead.

Figure 1: Approval levels and BFY​

the request and voucher approval levels shown and the budget fiscal year field shown

4. Type names for the request and voucher approval levels in the Header fields. These will be the names of the approval levels that users will see on the Travel Express screens and the names of the approval levels in Travel Express reports. Do not use special characters or symbols, including &, ',, <, and \.

  • Be sure not to change the approval levels after requests or vouchers have been submitted.

Figure 2 - Misc settings

the miscellaneous settings section highlighted 

5. Check the Email Notification checkbox if you want to enable e-mail notifications. (This e-mail notification is not related to the Mileage Only Email.)

a. An Approver will be notified when a request or voucher is ready for approval. The person who created the request or voucher (the user/traveler or their proxy) will be notified when it is 'final approved', disapproved, or routed back to them for further action.

b. When there are several Approvers and levels, the person who creates a request or fiscal codes a voucher can select a specific approver to route it to. The approver should receive the email notification. When that approver routes it to the next approver, the second approver would get the email notification.

c. When there are several Approver levels, a person in approval level 2 has the ability to approve requests or vouchers that are awaiting approval level 1. Whether or not they should is up to your agency or to unique circumstances when it may be required.

6. If your agency will be using Mileage Only Vouchers, you can enter the e-mail address of the Fiscal Coder in the Mileage Only Email field. The Fiscal Coder will receive an e-mail notification when a voucher is ready for them.

  • You can use a group e-mail address or an individual person's e-mail address. The e-mail will include “Mileage Only Travel Voucher" in the body, so, depending on your mail client, you could create a mail rule to forward these notifications.
  • You do not need to check the Email Notification checkbox to use Mileage Only Email notification. You can use both standard and mileage only notifications.

7. By default, Travel Express will use the Board of Examiner's mileage reimbursement rate. To use your agency's mileage rate, check the Use Agency Mileage checkbox. The rate will be displayed in the Agency Mileage Table.

  • To stop using the current rate on a specific date, enter the date in the Valid Thru field of the Current rate and then click Update.
  • The Valid Thru field on the New rate will then be populated with the next day's date.
  • Enter the desired rate in the Rate field of the New rate, and then click Insert. If the agency rate is greater than the Board of Examiner's rate, Travel Express will use the  Board of Examiner's rate.

8. If desired, create a Group or groups which can be applied to requests or vouchers when they are created. Group is an optional tag to help filter or categorize the requests or vouchers so they can be more easily found, or used for creating reports. For example, you could create a group for a PCA code, a specific region, or a specific department name.

a. Click Add list item.

Figure 3 - Add a group

the add list item link highlighted 


b. Type the name of the group (do not use special characters or symbols, including &, ',, <, and \), and then click Save.

Figure 4 - Name of the group​

the group name item field highlighted 


c. Click Update. Click Remove to delete a group.

Figure 5 - Update agency setting

the reset and update buttons highlighted 


9. Click the User Maint tab to continue with setting up users.