Using a P-Card Advance​

​A P-Card can be used to get cash for a traveler. The ability to do this must be set up with the bank that issues the P-Card.

Traveler Instructions

1. Create a Travel Express voucher per your agency's procedures. Be sure to click Save on each screen when you enter expenses.

2. In addition to per diem and other expenses, click the Advance tab.

3. Select PCard Advance from the drop down menu, and then enter the amount of the advance. You could enter an explanation of the advance in the Comments field.

4. Click Save.

Figure 1 - PCard Advance​
teh advance drop dwon menu shown

5. Click the Routing tab to route the voucher to a fiscal coder.

Fiscal Coding Instructions

1. Select the voucher to code.

2. If the traveler forgot to add the advance to the voucher, route the voucher back to the traveler with a comment to add the advance.

Figure 2 - Route​

the routing drop down menu shown 

3. When the voucher is routed to fiscal coding, the P-Card advance is automatically entered on a line with a transaction code 221, an expenditure subobject of 5354, and a negative amount.

4. The P-Card advance amount is applied automatically to the expenses. Any line items to which it is applied will have a transaction code 221 R. (The advance may be applied to more than one type of expense. For example, a $100 advance could be applied to a $65 meal expense, and the balance would be applied to a lodging or a mileage expense.)

5. Enter the fiscal coding for these lines as needed.

Figure 3 Transaction codes

the voucher travel expenses and the fiscal code fields shown 

If the Traveler Owes the State

1. When the traveler has returned, the traveler must return any P-Card advance amount not used.

2. To deposit the advance returned from a traveler, use a TC 103 in STARS or Cash Receipts in a “J" batch.​