Find Out If A Request Has Been Put On A Voucher

​You can tell if your request has been put on or made into a voucher either by the request's status, by viewing the request's Report tab, or by creating a Request report on the Reports Menu.

View the Status of the Request

1. Click View/Edit Request in the Requester/Travel Menu. (To find requests that have been processed, removed, expired, etc., use the Reports menu or the Processed Documents menu.)

2. Click View/Edit Request. Your requests will be displayed.

3. Click Select next to the request.

4. A request with the status of Pending Voucher(s) means a voucher has been started from the request.

a. It is possible to create a voucher from only part of the items on a request. Any remaining items would result in the request in Pending Voucher status.

b. It is possible for a user to create a voucher without a request, even though a request exists. That would result in the request that remains in Pending Voucher status.

c. If a request with remaining line items expenses will never be put onto a voucher, it can be removed from the Requester/Traveler > View/Edit Request screen. However, do not remove the request from the View/Edit Request screen until the voucher has been paid

5. If the status of the request is:

  • Draft or Pending Approval(s) - you can make changes to the various expenses (Per Diem, Travel Mode, Misc Exp, etc.) and comments or you can remove it. If you make changes to a request, be sure to click Save on each screen (Per Diem, Travel Mode, etc.) that you make changes to.
  • A request with a status of Pending Approval(s) must be opened in the Approver menu to approve it. Otherwise you will just be able to view it.
  • Awaiting Voucher Creation means the request is approved, but a voucher has not yet been created from it. You will just be able to view it.​

View the Reports Tab

With the request or voucher open:

1. Click the Report tab to view the request details.

2. Any line item with a V next to it (under the Vou column) has been put onto a voucher. (Not all line items have to put on one voucher.)

Figure 1 - Report Tab​

​​​​​​​the letter v highlighted next to line item expenses

Request Report on the Reports Menu

1. Select Request as the Document Type.

2. Select one or more criteria to create a report - the traveler's name (click Browse next to Traveler), the Status of the request or voucher (such as Draft, Pending Initial Approval(s), etc.), Group, Destination, departure or return dates. Group is simply a tag to help categorize the requests or vouchers and is set up by the Travel Express administrator.

Figure 2 - Travel Express Request query​

the reports menu search criteria fields

3. Click the Voucher check box to get a report of requests that have been used on vouchers will be displayed with their associated voucher(s).

4. Select a sort option to sort the report by, e.g., Traveler, Status, Depart Date, etc.

5. Click PDF Report - a Travel Express Report for Requests can only be generated in PDF. Click Open or Save.