Voucher Reports in CSV or TXT are not Formatted Correctly ​

​On the Reports Menu:

1. Select Voucher as the Document Type.

2. Select a sort option to sort the report by, e.g., Traveler, Status, Depart Date, etc.

3. Click TXT Report or CSV Report to generate a report in the format desired. (A Travel Express Report for Requests can only be generated in PDF.)

4. For TXT and CSV reports, you will be prompted to open or save the report. Click Open or Save

If the columns in a CSV or TXT report do not line up properly, it is likely due to carriage returns (separate lines) in the Comments or Purpose of Travel fields on the voucher in Travel Express. This can cause other columns (e.g., the user name) to not line up properly.

Figure 1 - CSV report example

a spreadsheet view of a report

You can open the same report in PDF to see which voucher and user name the Comments or Purpose of Travel are associated with. Then you can open the CSV or TXT report in Excel and move the cells to the correct columns.