What is a MEM Transaction Code?

​A MEM transaction code may be seen on the Fiscal Coding screen in the following instances:

1. When a warrant advance is issued to the traveler, and the traveler then enters a warrant advance amount on the voucher, that amount will be automatically entered on the Fiscal Coding screen with a transaction code of MEM and a negative amount. (This transaction code is used only for calculating the amounts in Travel Express - nothing from this line will be sent to STARS.)

Figure 1 - Warrant Advances section

a MEM transaction code shown on the fiscal coding screen

2. If a voucher is create that has total zero amounts, for example if all expenses (Per Diem, lodging, etc.) are paid by someone other than the traveler or paid with a P-Card, the Fiscal Coding screen will display the MEM transaction code on one line. The voucher should still be routed to an Approver and then to STARS, even though nothing will be sent to STARS, in order to finalize the audit trail. You can add comments when you route the voucher to an Approver.

Figure 2 - Zero amount voucher

zero amounts shown on teh fiscal coding screen