​System Integration Testing 3 (SIT 3)​

Agency Tester Resource Page

​Objective: Confirm that business processes work as designed across all modules, FRICE-W components, and 3rd party integrated applications. Testing with "final" security configuration in place.

Scope: Testing of all End-to-End Business Processes identified by Functional Teams. Execution of all FRICE-W Objects. Simulation of a production business environment.

High-Level Testing Schedule:

Screenshot 2022-01-11 085005.png



SIT 3 Kickoff PowerPoint Presentation: Luma SIT 3 Agency Kick-off.pdf

SIT 3 Kickoff Video Recording: https://youtu.be/pLUNpRpbex0

Agency Advocate by Agency: Agency Advocate Agency Distribution.xlsx

How to Access the Enterprise Dashboard in 2 steps: 

​Step 1:  Screenshot 2022-01-11 092621.png

           Screenshot 2022-01-11 092702.png
           Screenshot 2022-01-11 092802.png

Link to register for your State ID: https://www.sco.idaho.gov/LivePages/enterprise-dashboard-registration-access-and-password-management.aspx

Step 2: Screenshot 2022-01-11 093650.png

Click "Start setup" and follow all prompted instructions. A step by step guide can be found here: https://www.sco.idaho.gov/LivePages/duo-initial-device-registration.aspx​