​Legacy: Change Reasons - Personnel

Appointments- New Hire/ Rehire

(Used for brand new to the State or brand new to the agency)

AD - Additional Appointment (Statewide)

AJ - Reappointment from Layoff (Statewide) (Classified only)

AO - Original Appointment

AQ - Reinstatement (Statewide) (Classified only)

AX - Rehire, break in service

XC - Transfer into Classified Service

XD - Transfer from other Agency - Demotion (Classified only)

XL - Transfer from other Agency - Lateral (Classified only)

XN - Transfer into Non-Classified Service

XP - Transfer from other Agency - Promotion (Classified only)

General Appointment Updates

(Used to update an employee's PCN within the agency)

AA - Additional Appointment (Within agency)

AF - Reappointment after Failure to Complete Promotional Probation (Classified only)

AL - Reappointment from Layoff (Within agency) (Classified only)

AN - Non-Classified to Classified (classified agencies only)

AP - Acting Appointment (classified agencies only)

AR - Reappointment (within agency)

AS - Reinstatement (Within agency) (Classified only)

AT - 8 Month Temporary to Classified (Classified Only)

DD - Demotion - Disciplinary

DF - Demotion - Reduction in Force (Classified)

DV - Demotion - Voluntary

PI - Promotion in Grade

PO - Promotion

XW - Transfer within Agency - Lateral


(Used to inactivate someone with or without pay) I status = without pay, B status = with pay

IA - Inactive, due to Acting Appointment (pay status = I)

IB - Inactive, Sabbatical (pay status = I)

ID - Inactive, Disability (pay status = I)

II - Inactive Illness (pay status = I)

IJ - Inactive, Job Accident (pay status = I)

IO - Inactive, Other (pay status = I)

IS - Inactive, Suspension with or without Pay (pay status = B)

IX - Inactive, Sabbatical (pay status = B) 

Military Inactivations

(Used to inactivate someone for military deployment with pay)

IM - Military Inactivations

Miscellaneous Appt Updates

(Used for miscellaneous position updates within the agency)


Miscellaneous Updates

(Used to change fields within positions without changing positions)


Rate, Salary Updates

(Used to change employees pay)

CC - Merit Increase Performance

CD - CEC Distribution

CE - Payline Exception

CF - Change in Faculty Rank

CJ - Job Requirement Change

CO - Temporary Merit Increase (hourly employees)

CT - Return from Disciplinary Decrease

CX - Pay Schedule Change

CZ - Pay Rate Change Per Idaho Code

DS - Rate Decrease

DT - Rate Decrease, Disciplinary

DX - Return from Payline Exception

EA - Salary Equity Adjustment Increase (Internal)

LD - Payline Movement - Downward (Non-Classified only)

LU - Payline Movement - Upward (Non-Classified only)

MI - Salary Equity Adjustment Increase (External)

PD - Payline Movement - Downward (Classified only)

PS - Pro Rated Salary

PU - Payline Movement - Upward (Classified only)

Employee Reclassifications

(Used to change an employees class code on a current position)

RC - Reclassification, Completion of Underfill

RD - Reclassification, Downward

RL - Reclassification, Lateral

RU - Reclassification, Upward


(Used to separate an employee from a position)

System Generated Change Reasons: Change reason that is automatically processed to update an employee's records.

​BC - Cost Savings Bonus: Generated by CSB Earnings Code
​BD - Cost Saving Bonus T & B: Generated by CST Earnings Code
​BE - Cost Savings Bonus Capital: Generated by CSC Earnings Code
BF - Retention Bonus: Generated by REN Earnings Code
BK - Recruitment Bonus: Generated by REC Earnings Code
​BL - One Time CEC Bonus: Generated by BLA Earnings Code
BM - Temp Bonus Temp: Generated by TSM Earnings Code
BO - Cost Savings Bonus Operating: Generated by CSO Earnings Code
BP - Temporary Increase: Generated by TSI Earnings Code
BS - Short-Term Commendable (Regular Employee): Generated by STC Earnings Code
BT - Short-Term Commendable (Temporary Employee): Generated by STT Earnings Code
CA - Completion of Probation
CL - Longevity Increase
​FX - Annual Salary Correction: Generated due to contract for Annual Salaries
IA - Inactive, due to Acting Appointment (pay status = I)
MD - Misc Update - Return from Board of Examiners Approval
TP - Failure to Complete Promotional Probationary Period: Generated by AF - Reappointment after Failure to Complete Promotional Probation (Classified only)
​VL - Vacated - Layoff: Generated by DF - Demotion - Reduction in Force (Classified)
​VX - Position Vacate due to appointment change: Generated by any of the following AL, AN, AR, AS, AT, AY, AZ DD, DVPI, PO, XW